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Hi there,
For all of you know know the 18 hour days very well.
What is the most comfortable shoes.
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hey there. i gotta swear by my birkenstock pro clogs. super slip resistant and as long as the insoles are in good shape they treat the back pretty well too. also you should check out your local medical uniform supply store(nurses have the same footwear delima). i know alot of people that swear by nurses shoes.
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I have sneakers called grabbers that Johnson and Wales issues. I don't know where they get them but they are really comfy, and come in all sizes. I'm a size 5 so I'm always really impressed with any adult shoe that fits me :D
They're so great sometimes I wear them instead of my everyday shoes. Yeah, I'm a dork.
They're also incredibly non-slip.
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Thanks everyone,
I have been wearing New Balance Tennis shoes,
They dont feel comfortable after the 9th hour.
So off I go on a search for new shoes.
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:D Ladies high heels size 8.

Oops no thats the weekend, CLOGS because the let your trotters breath & are anti slip & often reinforced on the toes.
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I like a closed shoe myself because it offers more support. People love their Berkies but they do nothing for me for some reason (I was so disappointed to discover this!)

Make sure the sole is slip-resistant to both water and grease, and don't let macho cooks tell you that steel toes are lame. They have saved my toes several times from other people dropping their knives on them. Weird, yes, but it happens!
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I felt the same you do about the berkies. Everybody rants about them so I bought a pair and they were horrible. They were totally uncomfortable and I don't care what brand or size you buy, my feet slip out of clogs.

So I spent over $100 on Nike's top of the line running shoe.

I've discovered that no matter what you wear, after hours of being on your feet, your feet are gonna hurt.
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I'm not a clog user either, but last week I needed to buy new kitchen shoes so what-the-****, I'll give them another try. I went to try the pro birkis and they just felt too flat and the soles too thin. I asked the salesperson about Dansko and she said don't even bother(she was a hard-core Birkie). After reading numerous threads online regarding Dansko clogs, I finally found them at a store and tried them on(the closed back style). These shoes are awesome!!! I've been wearing them in the kitchen for a whole week and my back/legs feels great. I'm definitely getting another pair.
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I tried a pair of Dansko clogs and nearly broke my neck. The heels are too narrow for me and I kept turning my ankle. So I bought a pair of Knapp shoes. The style I bought is very wide and looks like an "earth shoe"--anyone remember those? They are the most confortable shoes I've ever owned and are about the same price as the Dansko clogs.
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I once went through four pairs of Danskos in a summer. They felt great but are definitely NOT for folks over 200 pounds. I cracked the plastic soles on every pair. So I went to Bastads with wooden soles and felt as if I'd gone to heaven! I am totally sold on wood under my feet forever. They are the most slip resistant shoe I've had on my dogs. I wasn't a huge fan of the high heel of the Bastad ( I'm over 6"3", so I whacked my head on a few hoods). I recently bought a pair of Svens to get the benefit of the lower heel and tighter fit, and really like them, hoever they are not as slip resistant, so now I'm torn as to which ones to wear.
I always have at least two pairs of work shoes. After a 13+hour day on my feet, the leather is a bit (or a lot) damp. Having a fresh pair to put on the next day allows the shoes to dry properly and I never get fungus of the feet!
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I heard about Dansko Professionals through this site some time ago, and I love mine--but I'm not a chef--I'm a teacher. Concrete is concrete and believe me, I run around on my poor feet a lot! I love my Danskos--bought some of the casual open clogs to wear around on weekends--can't handle the open back at work--kids do kick into the back of your foot in crowded hallways! High school kids are not yet in control of their feet! And open back clogs are hard on my ankles and knees.
I even wear my black Danskos when I have a dance duty like Prom. They are wonderful. I can stand up all night!
The big secret for me was to buy a size larger than usual because I have a high instep.
And, yes, I wear my Danskos when I cook at home--love 'em!
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The most comfortable kitchen shoes you ask??


I admit there not made for a kitchen but i have been in them for 7 years and i would never go to another brand. They dont slip they breath well and if you can keep the leather dry they last for some time. the insoles are great; perfect support. I have had both open heel and closed love them both. especially the open for that 45 second break on the dock you can kick em off and let the dogs get some air:smokin
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I have been wearing Sas shoes for the last 2 years they have been great at supporting my feet and non slip too
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I bought a cheap pair of Red Wing that were about 65 USD and I bought their insole too for an extra 50USD. Well with the combination my knees stopped hurting, they were really good on wet floors, but they have a ton of stitching and overlapping. They lasted med about a year and a half now. I recently bought some Sketchers since they were more of clog style shoe and the comfort level of these shoes are horrible. For the most part I think it's trial and error. Good luck on your search.
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holy crap, they issue you shoes? i graduated in '84 from J&W, we were lucky to get knives!
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