Shoes in Toronto?

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I was wondering if anyone can reccomend a good shoe store in the Toronto area that carries good chef shoes (birkis, Dansko etc). I can find tons of online stuff, but I'd really like to try them on before forking out the cash.

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I don't know of places that sells chef shoes specifically but I picked up my steal toe docs at The Shoe Store company on Yonge and Bloor. Also look for Markswork warehouse, I was recommended to them but I couldn't find their downtown location.
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Try Mr.Safety Shoes. There I picked up by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. It's from a French company called LeMaitre. They're much funkier than most safety shoes but have all the right features.
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I'm in Minnesota. If you have any Redwing Shoe stores there, they sell a really comfortable no-slip kitchen shoe. I had mine for 2 years.

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