Sherry Vinegar?

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Is there such a person as cchiu? I really wonder what you are doing on a chef board if you are asking such questions. This is not a bad question, it is just that you have asked about 10 or so like it, which demonstrate no understanding of basics. Are you learning something?
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heheh, the best brand of vinegar that i like to use and that is "Vilux". These guys make a jerez vinegar that is to die for.

I dont know if there is a supply for the US market, but this is a good website to check for their produce.

if you like this stuff go for it.

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I think cchiu is a person who is interested in food just like any other person or foodservice professional who ask questions on these boards. These boards are open not only to professionals, but also to people who enjoy learning about new foods and ingredients. You don't have to be a foodservice professional to ask or answer a question. That's what makes this community so great!

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We Love Cchiu!

You can get Sherry Vinegar at a goumet shop or at Paris Gourmet (800) Pastry 1.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Questions like this keep our brains functioning. My purveyer even had a hard time finding Sherry vinegar in the stores, you are not alone.
Nutcakes, we love you too.

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Hey nutcakes, remember when YOU WERE A NOVICE?

Anyway, Vilux Vinegars are great and available From European Imports Of Chicago Ill.
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Ok all, here are my replies...

nutcakes: Yes, I am learning a lot, considering I've never gone to cooking school and am full time graphic designer by trade. I actually posted this question because I frequent other cooking forums from other web sites. If I can't find the answer for someone on my own, I tend to ask here because I know someone will probably answer me. Most of the time the questions are for myself however. This question was originally posted at the forum. Actually, I did another search and found more sources just now, so I must have been off my game earlier and wouldn't have asked this question in the first place.

You can find out about me at the following question: (scroll down)
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Thank you. I don't know if you guessed or read about me in the link above. Either way, you are correct, and the fact that you do not have to be a chef to frequent this board is why I am here. I appreciate that there are so many chefs who are willing to help.

m brown
Thank you. Both for your comment and for the source!

Chef Mark Hays
Thank you for your source!
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