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I heard somewhere that health departments frown on the use of any porous materials in a restaurant setting, whether recycled or not. For example, the little paper thingies that go on the bone tips of a crown roast or turkey legs. I heard that scallop or oyster shells are also part of this group because they are porous. Is this true? What if they are scrubed and sanitised?
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I believe a law was passed in the early 80s in regards to shells. We used to use snail shells to house our little escargots.Because of the ability of these shells to hold onto bacteria they are no longer allowed in any place that serves the public. I did not hear about the booties you refer to on bones...but, they went out of style with eggs ala russe :)
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One day they'll come back, you'll see.. ;)

So then sanitised oyster shells are a no-no then?
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On the shells we are only allowed to use them if they are put through a dishwasher, sanitised,and then put into a hot oven

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