Shell pistachios?

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I made pistachio butter today... yummmm!

Very expensive. I buy the shelled ones, as sitting there and unshelling each one by hand - 24 oz of which - is not my idea of fun. Of course the unshelled are much cheaper....

How do the manus do it? Is there something I can buy here?

Thanks in advance.
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`There are many kinds of nut butters for sale. Our local health food co-op has several but I don't remember if there was any pistachio. If someone is making it they probably don't sell much because as you already know it is expensive. You didn't mention what you are using it for but if you just want it for occasional use you might continue to just make your own.
I love pistachios and thought about making some but haven't had a use for it. I'll probably just do what you did.
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I usually go to the Arabic/Middle Eastern markets for (de)shelled pistachios (& other nuts).
They're usually fresh (stock rotation), but often in huge bag$.
Divide them up, vac seal & toss in the deep freeze.
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We get unshelled pistchios at Costco. We try not to buy more than needed for the planned menu - I find them way too easy to snack on!
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