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    I am in the process of opening a new bakery and am looking for ways to have a good shelf life for items such as pies.. I know I can use a dough conditioner to keep my breads soft but is there something I can use to make the pies and cookies last more than a day or two before going bad? i dont want alot of chemicals like the grocery stores but is there anything natural that wont take away from that homemade taste?
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    I have never had a store front but this is how a colleague handled things until business picked up.

    Make one or two (either hand pies or baby sized real ones) per day or more when they take off.

    At that point he starting offering whole pies (HUGE Tday trade) "be-spoke" or custom made orders for a "whole" pie.

    He even had some society ladies that would bring in their glass pie dishes and have him do their "homemade" "family recipe" pies ;0

    Too funny.

    Cookie dough can be rolled into logs and frozen.

    When the case starts looking a bit bare just slice and bake.

    His store smelled amazing, all day long.