Shelf Life of Fried Pastries?

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@chefpeon   being trained in France where the choux pate originated from and working alongside hundreds of french pastry chefs and having a small number of facilities in france that do freeze their pate choux vs. 1000's that make it fresh everyday does not make anything factual other than that is what they prefer in their OPINION based on their experience. I also do not throw out to you that my years of experience vs. yours trumps your opinions due to ones time spent in this industry AS IT DOES NOT. I value an opinion for what it is and that is that. Disagree or no, it does not make ones experience nor opinion any less than another's. I value what you have had to say and based on your experiences you have given us your insight into what you feel is the way you would do things. Anything else has been sheer ego and on that note I am done. I wish you the best in your endeavours. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/cool.gif
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I think we can all agree that it is true the choux dough can be piped, and frozen before baking. So this is a fact, it can be done.

Beyond that is opinion.  Bringing up other threads or ill feelings, etc, is not helpful to the OP and as professionals, we are all trying to work smarter, not harder.  Bringing up a past post in a different thread doesn't add to this discussion. For someone new to pastry, we don't want to make it seem harder than it needs to be.  I would like the OP to continue to enjoy the pastry side of the house! 


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@Fablesable, I know you said you were "done" but couldn't resist posting this. One of my friends clued me in to Michael Laiskonis' blog and I thought it quite interesting:

I don't think Laiskonis, of all people, would think to make what he considered a sub-standard choux. He's obviously perfectly OK with freezing it. 
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Boy did this thread derail quickly LOL.

Anyways....a lot of good opinions were thrown in and I'm glad I got a base to try and experiment with different ideas.
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