Shelf life: fish brine

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I'm wondering how long I can keep my fish brine for before the flavors begin to deteriorate.  The brine is a usual combination of water, salt, brown sugar, spices. After brining the fish for 1 hour I will remove it. But can I use this brine a few times over and how long will it be good for?

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No. No no no no no no no. Please don't reuse brine.

Better to make a big batch of brine and pull smaller amounts of it each time you brine fish.

Reusing brine is for shoemakers.
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Well...."shoemakers" is a bit harsh.

Its just water, a bit of sugar and a bit of salt, and maybe a few peppercorns. 

In other words, its cheap to make. 

Why risk contamination of expensive fish  if its that cheap to make brine?

In other words, same conclusion that Someday made..

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