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I hate to start another thread that provokes more arguments and opinions about knife sharpening, but I am looking for a new whetstone and I'm curious as to what type of stones everyone prefers. (I use wusthof high-carbon stainless steel knives)
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i use a norton at work and halls tri-stone at home but just picked up an edge-pro about a month ago. Best sharpening system i've used-reground bevels on all my old german knives and they are good to go. Set you back $130 or so but worth it to me.
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You may want to do a search at Cheftalk since your subject has already been covered at length.


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The edge-pro is widely considered the pinnacle for knife sharpening among knife knuts.

The easiests to use is with very good results is generally thought to the Spyderco Tri-angle Sharpmaker.

I personally use the sharpmaker. Two grits but four cutting actions, different angles for setting up as a crock stick sharpening system and slots for use as a bench stone. Also works well for hand use as a file. Includes slots for sharpening points as on an awl. Will even sharpen vegetable peelers.

The Norton stones are nice. I think the Sharpmaker is superior.

The sharpening FAQ is a good place to learn more.


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