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hi guys and gals,

recently I've been looking into the apex pro, the videos on you-tube, some reviews etc, but what i was wondering is, why do most fully trained chefs seem to prefer to sharpen using stones, opposed to a system like the apex?? I've never used it, and am only trying to teach myself how to freehand sharpen at the moment, but the apex looks fairly quick and easy to manage with good results. I'm not looking to buy a system like the apex or that but i was just wondering about it. any insight is appreciated,

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I answered a similar question in this thread. The reason that I prefer a sharpening stone, is that I can control the angle of the grind, and I can also push the blade, vis-a-vis pulling or drawing the blade, as you see most people do. My method or technique is unconventional but it works for me.

I have seen many gimmicks throughout the years and have even wasted my money on some of them. You would do better buying a good sharpening stone, e.g., Norton Stone. If you cannot afford such a system, then a Norton 8" or Norton 6" stone should suffice. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/laser.gif
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