Sharpening knives can be addictive

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I have very little experience sharpening knives and I ordered a bunch of whetstones they are as follows

Naniwa SS 220






8000 Snow White

12000 Shapton Kuromaku

3"x11" paddle strop black green white compound

I will be receiving my whetstones tomorrow and have a ton of badly damaged kitchen knives to get started on learning  with nothing overly expensive. The real issue is I haven't even received my whetstones and came across  Aframes Tokyo which sells Japanese Waterstones which seem so interesting and useful and risky all at the same time. I could blow through a small fortune just on sharpening equipment not to mention all the different knives I would like to buy know. I'm not really a cook but I always paid attention on how to properly slice and use a knife in the kitchen but I think I'm going to have to start doing some more cooking just for an excuse to buy more knives. I think that's only way my wife won't kill me with them after she finds out what I spent on these whetstones or what I'm about to spent which is even scarier. I've always had an interest in sharp knives I kind of knew I was opening Pandora's Box but I'm very excited to get learning.

Any tips or helpful info would be greatly appreciated either on curbing my new addiction or helping me do it right.
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You know what stones cost now.  I would say don't spend too much time fixing old crappy stainless knives.  Let's say you have a $20 walmart blade with a broken tip.  Is the amount you're going to dish your stone to fix this worth it? NO

Fixing crappy knives -> power tools

Fixing vintage carbon steel with potential -> stones  Also you'll learn more from this.
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I know the feeling. 

Almost went over my weight limit returning from Japan a couple of days ago. Got a 1200, 3000 and 6000 King stones for around $30 each in kappabashi. Haven't touched my new Japanese knives but so far my older germans have enjoyed the attention.

Cheers and Enjoy.
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