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    Hey, folks. Loooong time, no see/post. Hope everybody is doing well.

    This came up in a conversation about a month ago, so I figured I'd throw it out here for discussion:

    Much can be made about sharpening angles - 10, 15, 20 degrees, 80/20 bevels, etc - and what the "right"/"best" angle is for any given knife.

    The best sharpening angle is the one that your hands naturally go to and maintain consistenly. It's better to sharpen with a consistent angle than to worry over 12 vs 14 degrees.

    I used to pull out a level and work out exact knife angles on the stone. I've had much better luck once I stopped fretting over the edge and just worked out consistent freehand sharpening. THEN I can worry about sharpening consistently at lower or higher angles.


    (Related: At the end of the day, a knife is a hunk of steel. That's pretty indestructible. Sharpening errors can be corrected, either by onesself or by a professional - better to learn by trying than never start sharpening. Steel matters, except it really doesn't, unless you're REALLY paying attention. Knives are a lot of fun.)