Share your Grandmother's Cooking Secret...

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A friend of mine told me his Grandmother's secret way to cook prime rib...

Firstly you need a cut of meat that has at least three bones. Season it, coat it in flour and then throw it in an oven at 500 degrees F. Cook it for fifteen minutes per rib (so a three rib piece of meat would get 45 minutes) then turn the oven off. Leave the meat to sit in the oven for another 30 minutes and you are good to go - the beef is a perfect MR... What your Granny's secret?
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i know it wasn't just childhood perception- my grandmother was a magical cook. hired out to various homes in various cultures she didn't live a glamourous european chef's life but ran a huge farm completely self sufficient the original organics and hand raised livestock, bread oven outside, smoke house martha stewart could never come close tO the the from-scratch life she led

i owe my devotion to cooking to her, one of the toughest chefs i've ever laboured for

her secret was to always let the beauty and perfection of her food recieve the glory and herself remaining humble and in service to those eating

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