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I am trying to make sugar cookies using a cookie cutter.  I keep the dough cold as I am working and I want a fairly thick cookie...much like the Cookie Bouquet cookies.  And the icing is that smooth icing made with powdered sugar and heavy whipping cream.  My challenge is keeping the shape.  Seems if I go with a thinner cookie, the shape is better.  HELP!
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Hi Belles70! I've found that you have to leave the dough to refridgerate at least 4 hours or freeze for 20 minutes. Cut your shape then return dough to freezer to continue. The thicker the dough, the faster it seems to get warm. Then be sure to put them in the oven immediately. The longer they sit out of the fridge the bigger chance for them to begin to lose their shape. 

Hope that helps :)


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