Shall I hone my Global G-2?

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Hello there,

I'm fairly new to the knives thing, and I just get my hands on a Global G-2 knife.

After readings and readings, I came asking myself : shall I hone it with a rod?
I plan buying whetstones and learn the hand sharpening but I wonder if daily honing is mandatory.

Some say yes, ceramic honing, some say yes steel steel honing, some say whetstones are enough ; as a beginner I'm kinda lost.

Assuming I am, for now, at home, I wonder how to take good care of my tool.

Please help, and pardon my english, je suis Français !

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Globals are hardened to about 58 hRc.  That's just about at the transition point in hardness between knives soft enough to be effectively able to be honed, and knives which are harder than it's worthwhile to hone.  So, yes, a hone can be effectively used with a Global.

If you intend to hone a Global, best to get and only use a ceramic hone.  And buy the longest one you can find.

One caveat: never drop a ceramic hone - it will shatter.

My suggestion is to have a dedicated hang-up place where the hone is easily available, but will not be easily knocked off.

For good honing technique, read Boar D. Laze here:

Personally, I am partial to a fine grit 12 inch (300 mm) Idahone.  Best hone for the money

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Thank you!

Are all ceramic rods equal in term of quality and efficiency?

I mean, grit is grit, right?
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Like sharpening stones there are finer and coarser grits, and harder or softer ceramic materials. I'm getting a Jende ceramic rod to review soon. It's supposed to be more shatter resistant than others.
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The Global G-2 is one of my all favourites. It comes with an overly convexed edge. To sharpen it, first thin it a bit and put a decent edge on it. As it is quite soft, add a 30 degree microbevel on the right side.
I understand the words you employ, but I got no hell of a clue how I am supposed to do it, especially as a newbie.

reading the review!
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