Sevilla´s Tapas Recipes Are Redolent of Several Cultures

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    Has anybody been to Sevilla ? Would enjoy hearing your experience.

    Eating tapas  is an integral part of everyday life in Spain, and especially in Sevilla, Madrid Capital and Bilbao, The Basque Country.

    Tapas recipes are redolent of the several cultures that have left their footprints in this city down the centuries, the Romans love of Sausages, to the Moorish refined use of spices. The  results are Mediterranean in character with a flamenco spirit. 

    The religious processions which take place in Sevilla during Holy Week, the city´s huge Spring Festival, have echoed on the itineraries of the eating of tapas here. 

    Tapear signifies the eating of tapas however, it also is defined as To Cover, and Tapa is a lid or cover ... These small dishes have vivacity and thus, the stimuli for the gift of gab. Nobody goes to a bar, and eats alone, even if you are not with anybody. 

    The Where To´s in the Sevilla Capital & What the Bar is Famed For ... 

    1) El Rinconcillo ( the Little Corner ) - Calle Gerona 40 :  Fried strips of salt cod in Saffron Batter. 

    2)  Bar A. Romero - Gamazo 16 :  Dried and smoked Fish Roe of Tuna or Ling Roe pressed and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. 

    3) Casa Cuesta - Callao 3 in Triana Neighborhood ( over the bridge ) : Patatas Bravas and Patatas Aliñas ... The first, fried potato chunks, with a spicy piquant tomato based sauce which are a craze in Spain and the 2nd, a potato salad with onion, green pepper dressing, prawns and tomatoes.

    4) Bar Casablanca - Zaragoza 20 :  A dish, called a Potaje which is a Garbanzo Bean or chickpea or cicci stew with spinach and codfish eaten by traditional Spaniards during Lent, contains fried bread slices, a head of garlic and Paprika, spinach, beans and Codfish. It is hearty fare for a coldish rainy day ...

    For those who read and speak Spanish: ( Sevilla´s Tapas recipes ) 

    For those who read and speak English:  

    ( Sevilla´s where to go´s ) 

    5)  Bar Sol y Sombra ( The Sun & The Shadow Bar ) :  Beef sirlion with Sherry wine and garlic called Punta De Solomillo 

    6) Casa de Antonio Los Caracoles:  Local snails served in a piquant sauce ... The ingredients include:  olive oil, Hot Paprika and Sweet Paprika, cumin spice, bread picatostes = cubes of bread, garlic and lots of it and fresh coriander.

    7) Casa Román:  Pork Charcuterie assortment ...

    8) Bodega Góngora :  Fried Shark in  Adobo ... Wonderful ...

    9) Bodega Belmonte :  Chickpea flour ( doesn´t permit the olive oil to penetrate as does Wheat Flour ) Fritters with Tiny Prawns called Tortilla de Camarones. A tortilla could be an omelette however, in Andalusia, it is a Fritter when prepared with baby shrimp.

    If you need any further info on Sevilla or any other place in Spain, please do not hesitate to drop me a note.

    Happy Holidays,

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    I've visited Seville twice and stayed in a former Convent.  Can't remember where I ate, though.