Seven fishes

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This one is for all the Italians out there. I do a recipe for a seafood bisque that has seven types of seafood in it. Would that qualify as the seven fishes for Christmas Eve, or does it have to be seven seperate dishes?
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We make a zuppa di pesce.. 7 is 7 whether it's one dish or seven.

Go with my blessing as one Italian to another... buon appetito! Buon natale!
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Thanks. I don't know that I'm of Italian decent (Officialy German, Scott, and Irish), but with my love of traditional Italian cuisine, I strongly suspect I have an unknown ancestor that snuck North across the border to cross pollinate. ;)
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If you're concerned with the tradition, then the soup would only qualify as one dish.

But ain't no 7-fishes police out there that I ever heard of.
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