Setting up new kitchen how many of each I should buy.

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I was recently hired at a assisted living facility for the elderly. This facility is brand-new and has not yet opened. It will hold up to 26 residents and my job is to feed them breakfast lunch and dinner. I will be working with all new equipment. I currently have range, refrigerator, icemaker and nothing else. My my question is how many pots, sauté pans, sheet pans, and other equipment should I have. Also what use to hold warm food during a two hour service. I need to figure out what I need and how many of each I should buy.
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26 people isn't a whole lot of people to serve. I've had parties of 29 that was cooked off the front line. If this is a sit down dining room then just do everything to order. You may need a warming unit to keep somethings warm. You may also need a small steam table but with 29 people you don't need much. You will only need a few sheet pans for baking, roasting pan, stock pot, soup pot. Start out by buying a few things knowing its a small operation. A small grill is nice but we first need to know if you have a hood and fan system in your kitchen. For this many people all you need in counter top warmers. The warmers would be nice for holding Scrambled eggs, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, gravy and thing like this.........Welcome to Cheftalk.........Chef Bill
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Also along with what chefbillyb said.. do you have a commercial range or a consumer range? And how much fridge and freezer space?
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If your facility is part of a chain and (like a school system) serves the same dishes at the same meals on the same days then call up one of the other KMs and ask.
Hint... if it IS part of a chain check out the SOP manual as there may be a par list for equipment.


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