Serious Health Issue - Rat Poison in Oven

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"But I think, cold turkey is the only answer."

I did it that way, surprising both me and my wife. I had only smoked for seven years, and haven't had the slightest wish for the evil weed since. :peace:

My wife, however, had a much tougher time and finally kicked it by taking a stop-smoking seminar offered by the local hospital run by the Seventh-Day Adventists. It was very well-designed, with psychological aids, dietary advice (no coffee, not much salt, no stimulating foods like mustard, etc. - at least until you're over the craving; not the rest of your life) motivational pictures of rotted human lungs, a buddy system for when you just have to have a smoke, and the like. She twitched for a couple of months with the withdrawal - kept kicking me out of the bed in the middle of the night - :eek: but hasn't had one in over forty years, and has no interest in them whatever.

Got any Adventists in your neighborhood?

Best of luck

Mike ;)

or would that be neighbourhood?

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