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Here it is! the winner :D


Six whole medium size onions in a pot, unchopped
Cover with water
Add 20g butter
Add 2 table spoons of plain white sugar
Simmer on low until all the water is gone

400g White mushrooms stems removed and quartered
Button mushrooms quartered
250ml water
Juice from half a lemon (stops the mushrooms from changing colour to black)
20g butter
Simmer on low for 10min

30g butter into an ovenproof pan
In a pan, dredge your chicken in some flour, seasoned with salt, pepper
Drop your chicken into the sizzling butter
After four minutes, flip the chicken
After four minutes, remove from the heat, place on a plate in the preheated oven 180 /355 for 25 minutes

After removing the chicken
Do not remove the fond or oil from the pan
Add in bacon lardons
Add 100g of finely chopped celery

Reserve excess liquid
Add the finely chopped reddish shallots to the sizzling butter
Add the salt
Add the pepper
Add bayleaf
Add thyme

After two minutes
Add the apple chunks

After 30s
Add 30ml of the Calvadose Courvoisier (Apple) Brandy/Cognac

After 30s
Add 200ml of apple cider

After 15s
Add the chicken stock back in
Add the cream, bring to high heat, until napping consistency

After 30s
Add the butter
Stir to combine/emulsify, until shiny and creamy, and thicker

Add peeled apple slice to a pan
Add a pinch of sugar
Brown the apple slices

After 2m
Add the cooked chicken to the pan

Reduce heat to low
After the sauce thickens up, plate up.


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I completely agree about Thos. Keller. I eat at Bouchon Bistro as often as possible (never more than once per year, however). Bouchon cookbook is awesome. After flipping though it while waiting to be seated at Bouchon Bistro, I recently bought a copy. My only complaint... it's big and hard to hold. Waaa-waaa-waaa, right? :)

I loved Bouchon as well. I got to eat at the French Laundry just down the road. It was amazing, plus I got a tour of the kitchen and met Chef Keller. On that day, I could die happy.
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Poulette in Provençal cream sauce.

Like FoodFighter’s entry but different. Seriously, I’m not a copycat… what’s happening is simultaneous genius!

This is what a housewife or househusband in Provence would cook for the family.

Inspired by my first love, Julia. (Yes, I was 12 and in love with an older woman. It was a completely one-sided relationship, though, and I’m not sure I ever got over it.)

Pan-roasted chicken thigh, seasoned with salt, pepper, and herb d’provence. Deglazed with brandy. Stewed with onion and mushroom. Finished with cream. Served with a roasted carrot root and a buttermilk-chive biscuit.

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I made Quiche today - two to be exact. Bacon, ham, leek, chanterelles, and my custard. I blind baked two pie crusts then sauteed my filling ingredients and when cool grated some smoked gruyere and gouda. I layered the solid, then some cheese, then a layer of custard and repeated. They baked up very nicely and are really delicious. I usually butter my pie plates then dust with bread crumbs, but on a whim did pie crust. Either way they would have tasted wonderful.



No fancy crimping and my first time blind baking a pie crust. Can't wait to taste it tomorrow. Maybe I'll take some to work tomorrow. I started a new part time job last week. I'm canning beer at my local brewery. The guy running the machine is leaving so it'll be a good friend and I doing the canning and we're both good mechanics so . . . good times ahead.
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Pretty basic stuff, an omelette.

The Players


An herb and cheese omelette with some tomatoes and mushroom on the side. The herbs are tarragon, chives and thyme. The thyme and little tomatoes are fresh out of the garden.

The Process


Chop the herbs, cut the cheese into smaller bits. Slice up that big mushroom.


Seems I did not take any pictures of sauteing the portabella in butter with a bit of salt and a hint of nutmeg. Those tiny little Mexican Midget tomatoes were cooked in olive oil with a couple of fresh basil leaves, minced. A splash of balsamic at the end.

The eggs were whisked until no strands of white were to be seen.


Tarragon and thyme were whisked in. Into a generously buttered skillet over medium heat. Lots of stirring and shaking of the pan.


When the eggs were just about set, the cheese was put in. Let it melt a bit while the eggs cook a little more.

The Product

I was tempted to not post this, do it over later. The omelette did not turn out of the pan as I would have liked, not the pretty, even cylinder of eggy goodness I was looking for. I coulod have covered it with about a pound of chives, I guess.


It kind of broke in half when plating. I've done better looking French omelettes.

But I must say, appearance aside, it was still a classic French omelette on the inside. It was so creamy and rich and buttery and herbaceous! The mushrooms got a little dark, but very tasty. Those tart little tomatoes with the basil and balsamic were a lovely addition.

With a glass of chilled French chardonnay and some toast, this was a very satisfying meal. I very much enjoyed eating this ugly omelette.

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(/07 Beef Back Ribs with Rice and Chasseur Sauce

Back ribs were slow roasted at 270' F for 6 hours, seasoned with Kosher Salt, Cracked Black Pepper and Onion. They were basted every 30 minutes, after cooking for 4 hours, with a mixture of honey, lemon juice, and crushed red pepper flakes. The oven was turned off with the ribs getting a final basting, and allowed to rest for 1 hour.

The Chasseur Sauce was made by pressure cooking 5 lbs., beef marrow bones, 1 lb. short ribs, one quartered onion, a cup og sliced carrot, and 6 peeled garlic cloves and 5 cups of water for 90 minutes. The marrow slid right out of the bones. The marrow was removed from the short ribs. All of the marrow went into the blender, with half of the broth, and all of the veggies. All was blended until silky smooth. The blended sauce, and remaining broth was put into a large, ceramic Dutch oven, and simmered for 2 hours to reduce, This was seasoned with salt, pepper, Herbs De Provence, and a bit of Lee & Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce. I then chopped, and sautéed in butter 8 oz. each trumpet, cremini, and chanterelle mushrooms, and added to the sauce. I made a brown roux, with fresh cherry tomatoes added and cooked down, thinned with my reduced sauce, and added back into the ceramic Dutch Oven. What a flavor it had! Yum, is all I can say.

The ribs were falloff the bone tender, and had a beautiful bark, and flavor from the basting. I made steamed rice as I have to avoid potatoes; This part isn't French, but the family loved it - freshly steamed corn on the cob. But the ribs and sauce were completely French, and both time and labor intensive, so I hope the corn isn't a problem. It was a well received, and delicious Chauser sauce4.jpg Beef Back Ribs4.jpg Beef Bck Ribs1.jpg meal.
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09/08/2021 Breakfast - French Omelet with toasted Baguette, and seedless blackberry jam

This came out so tender, and delightful. Omelet seasoned with Salt, pepper, Herbs De Provence, with a bit of brie melted inside, It slid form the pan perfectly, with a hint of not quite firm egg on top, I folded it in half as I slid it onto the plate, and let residual heat complete the setting of the egg. The baguette was cut in half, grilled with butter, and topped with the jam. Very light, very tasty. I was a happy man eating this meal.

Seeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North French Omelet1-1.jpg
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Funny that..
As I have just been googling recipes with beef ribs. Most called for wine, which I don't have.
Thought of beef ribs in cider. Instead I drank the cider and put the beef ribs on the grill asian style ;)
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Funny that..
As I have just been googling recipes with beef ribs. Most called for wine, which I don't have.
Thought of beef ribs in cider. Instead I drank the cider and put the beef ribs on the grill asian style ;)
Yes, French recipes often use wine in their cooking techniques. I and my family don't use alcoholic beverages at all. It's part of our religious beliefs. However, alcohol isn't a requirement for great flavor.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North


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Funny that..
As I have just been googling recipes with beef ribs. Most called for wine, which I don't have.
Thought of beef ribs in cider. Instead I drank the cider and put the beef ribs on the grill asian style ;)
That's better than I've done. The closest I came so far was Vietnamese.
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Not too different in concept from a baked New York style cheesecake but with different cheese and a more “adult” flavor. Also, Crème fraîche instead of sour cream. This features a basic farmer’s cheese and chevre cheese.

Still resting, in pan, in refrigerator.


Will try to photograph a slice when it is ready for service. Will use a French Sabatier knife too!

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I'll start with quiche for app, the best pastry chefs in Paris use puff dough, not pie dough, there is no blind baking, its a simple one shot bake. I used bought dough for this one, I will post a separate video for 23 minute reverse puff dough if you want to do your own dough.
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