September 2017 Challenge: Cast Iron

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I have been toying with a couple ideas for the next challenge.
I thought of coriander (the whole plant), ginger (the whole family including turmeric etc etc) but finally decided on cast iron.
Everything cooked in a cast iron pot, skillet, griddle, pie iron, potjie, dutch oven etc etc

So go through the cupboards, find a piece of cast iron and go cooking!
Sweet, savoury, anything goes!

04 breakfast.jpg

I have copied the rules from one of the other challenges:

- The challenge begins on the 1st of every month and the last entry must be made by the last day of the month.

- You may post multiple entries.

- All entries must be cooked during the month of the challenge.

- If you use a documented recipe, please cite your source.

- Entries should include the name of your dish and a picture of the final product. Sharing personal recipes and pictures of the process are not mandatory but extremely helpful.

- The winner is chosen by the person who posted the challenge, and is announced after the last day of submissions. The decision is final and falls entirely at the discretion of the challenger.

- Submitting an entry makes you eligible to win. If you do not wish to be considered for the win you may still participate in the challenge, but make your wishes known to the challenger.

The winner’s bounty includes praise, virtual high-fives, and the responsibility of posting the next month’s challenge. That entails choosing a theme, posting a Challenge thread that includes the guidelines, checking in on the submissions regularly during the month, and promptly choosing a winner at the end of the challenge.
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Wow. I never thought about such a challenge, very clever. I use cast iron a LOT in my cooking, this could be fun.

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Ceramic covered or enameled is fine.
It's coated cast iron after all


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butzy butzy The cast iron on top of the spider is really nice may I ask where you purchased the cast iron equipment in the photo?
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What a great challenge, very creative. I really need this because I let my cast iron rust as I find it too difficult to upkeep properly. But it's at the back of my mind constantly that I should be using it more. I'll pull out my collection this weekend and look up some videos on YouTube about how to refurbish. Fantastic!!
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Easiest way to get the rust off is submerge it in white vinegar for 24 hours. Then start seasoning as normal. I was recently given a little 6 inch fry pan from Korea, totally rusted and crusty. Soaked it in vinegar, hit the inside with steel wool to strip the bad seasoning off completely, re-seasoned it and now use it to make omelets.


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Parmesan Black Pepper Popovers

The Cast Iron They are much smaller than they look in this image.
2017-09-03 16.41.49.jpg
Preheated and filled with batter. This is arguably over filled for popover. 2017-09-03 17.30.55.jpg
Not a lot of pop. I never get good pop with cheese popovers. The dripped batter flakes right off for easy cleaning. 2017-09-03 18.02.59.jpg
Sunday Dinner. Sous Vide eye of round (not as pink as I expected for 131 F), garlic mashed potatoes, steamed brocolli, carrots. Popover was a little dense, but good flavor.
2017-09-03 18.06.01.jpg
If I'm doing popovers for breakfast, I put the cast iron in the oven on the timed bake feature. I make the batter the night before and refrigerate it. The oven starts heating automatically 30 minutes before I get up. Take out the pans, fill, bake. Easy breakfast item.
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Cold and rainy here today - I had thawed a half pound of shrimp yesterday, but we went to the county fair to watch the tractor pulls instead. Anyway this weather gave me a hankering for something like Cioppino. I had frozen muscles on hand, and whole canned clams, fresh tomato sauce from the garden. All I needed to buy was fennel and crusty baguette. A sofrito with added fennel, garlic, tomato paste, white wine, lobster juice, clam juice, chopped garden tomatoes, a dash of Hondashi, bay, parsley, thyme, and peperoncio. I had to work at the shop this afternoon so in order to thicken it I added three teaspoons of instant garlic mashed potato. It is delicious served with hot, crusty baguette and a glass of Pino Grigio.

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So the plan was to do tonight's dinner over charcoal. I thought for sure I had another bag of it out in the garage. Oh well, Karen's lemon chicken and my spicy Jamacain jerk pork did get cooked.

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We are off to a good start!!!

morning glory morning glory : Not even a griddle pan or anything? You are missing out on some beautiful cookware!

nicko nicko : That pan in the picture is actually he lid of a big cast iron pot. It came in a carrier bag (about the size of a small scooter wheel), foldable tripod, flat bottom pot and lid with ridges on one side and flat on the other. I bought it years ago at game stores, here in Zambia
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We are off to a good start!!!

morning glory morning glory : Not even a griddle pan or anything? You are missing out on some beautiful cookware!

Nope. I expect you are correct but I have a very small kitchen so I only have room for a set of saucepans plus non-stick frying pans and griddle pan plus a chef's pan. Also, I have arthritic wrists so the weight of cast iron is a bit of an issue. I suppose A small skillet would be OK for me, though. Maybe I should buy one...
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Cold weather tomorrow, might be time for a batch of chili in my enamel cast iron pot!
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This is a staple at our house. Corn bread in a cast iron skillet. Sunday we had Pig tail soup with corn bread for supper.

1 egg
1 to 1 1/3 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup melted shortening, lard, or bacon drippings
2 cups of self rising corn meal mix (we use Martha White)

Heat oven to 450 deg. F. Place a skillet or corn stick pan in oven until smoking hot. In a bowl combine the egg and corn meal mix add buttermilk just to moisten. Remove pan from oven and put in shortening or fat. Pour in batter and bake 20 to 25 minutes or until browned.

The Pig tail soup is an adaptation of Senate Navy Bean Soup.

If you have leftover cornbread crumble some up in buttermilk for an old fashioned treat.
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So. I had a whole plan for an amazing Southern meal, but I had to change my plans as I had to get ready for an unexpected girl to swing by. Her name is Irma and I'm in Florida so........

I don't know how much I will be able to post after this. Oh well. I'm A boy scout. I'm prepared.

So, it was going to be Southern Fried Chicken, cast iron skillet mac and cheese, and cast iron dutch oven collard greens. Because of circumstance, I could only pull off chicken. Not just normal fried chicken, but Prince's Nashville Hot Chicken.

Buttermilk brine for chicken overnight. Rinsed, patted dry, seasoned and let sit for 1 hour. Tossed in seasoned flour, then eggwash with buttermilk and hot sauce.

Fried in cast iron pan, set in oven to keep warm. Used remaining oil, 6 tablespoons cayenne, some brown sugar, granulated garlic, chili powder, paprika. Whisk. Toss chicken in while well blended. Burn your face off. I love the legend behind the meal.



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planethoff planethoff : I hope all goes well with Irma! So far she has been very destructive.
I am impressed that you still managed to make a very good looking meal, knowing she is on the way.

And to keep this thread going:
Here's some creamed spinach in my well used cast iron skillet.
Bought that one years ago in Zimbabwe. Straight from the foundry.

And for some reason I cannot attach documents o_O
so the skillet is coming <to be continued>
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I went to the tomato patch today and picked some of the last of the season.

Not the prettiest but still good. I then got out a cast iron skillet and some Bacon.

Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. My picture of a great BLT did not come out so just picture one the way you like them.

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