Separating Chocolate

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Ganache is a pretty straightforward thing to do. Heat the cream, add the cream to the chocolate and if it still has lumps, finish it in a bain marie. 

I opened a can of cream and saw that there is water residing under the can of the cream. I Thought it was nothing so I miked it in with a spoon and heated it. I added it to my chocolate and it curdled.

So was the cream the culprit here or was it something else?
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Once you settled the measurements, which aren't all that critical, I think it's better to heat your cream first, together with other flavors (alcohol, coffeepowder, vanillapod, etc...), let simmer a while, take away from the heat and only then add the chocolate. Normally the chocolate will melt quickly and maybe lumpy, but just some stirring will help that.

Carefull however when you use a bain-marie! The upper pot cannot touch the boiling water underneath or the chocolate can overheat and turn grainy!! Experienced chocolatiers will however always avoid heating chocolate above a boiling waterbath...

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