Senior Project Help! (Pastry Chef)

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    I'm doing my senior project on Pastry Chefs. Or just Pastry Chef in general. I was wondering what I could include in my paper about them. It has to be 6-8 pages long and I'm not real sure what to include in it. I was thinking how they became one, the techniques some used, some inspirations some might have, and how the daily life of one goes. That's all I have right now. So I was wondering what else I could include in my paper to make it good. Maybe somethings people like myself might not know about or interesting topics I could talk about. I'm doing my paper on Pastry Chef(s) because I like baking and making cakes and I'm debating on if I want to become one and this might help me decide if it's what I want to do in life. I can't use Wikipedia or anything like that. Please help! and Thank you in advanced! :)
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    Professional Pastry Chef
    1) Recognized qualifications for pastry Chef

    2)What does the overwhelming  choices of frozen and ready-prepared pastry, bread, and confectionary items have on the trade of pastry chef and, more importantly, on the employer.

    3) Does the general public care or pay for quality in pastry, bread, and confectionary items?  If so, is there enough of a demand to keep small independent stores (non-chain) in business?