semolina pasta

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From the Johnson and Wales Culinary Recipes cookbook, here is a recipe for 2 5-oz. servings. (it is portioned that way for the nutrition and sensory analysis class because we cook in individual portions for the most part.)
3 oz. semolina flour
3 oz high gluten flour
a pinch of salt
1 oz water or as needed
1 oz egg substitute

mix dry ingredients in a pasta machine, add water and eggs slowly. mix for 10 minutes.
we did this all by hand in class btw, not with the machine.
Not sure if this is what you wanted but that's my two cents :D
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from my husband's italian nana:
4 eggs
2 cups flour
2 cups semolina
1/4 cup olive oil
pinch of salt
1/4 cup warm water (+or-)
i threw it all in my kitchenaid, except the warm water - which i added slowly when everything else was mixed - used the dough hook and it came out well.
can easily be doubled.
hope this helps,
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Semolina is a coarser grind of durum flour. Semolina is used for extruded dried pastas mostly. I have used a recipe I got off a chef. Kinda a secret, but I will tell it, because I am not good with secrets.
1 kg durum flour
10 eggs
4 oz white wine
salt and olive oil to taste

When pasta companies make dried pastas then add acid to break down the protiens found in high gluten flour. Same as tenderizing meat.

Trick question-

Which contains more gluten a bag of cake flour or a bag of whole wheat pasta?

Same amount ---None
Gluten is created when Glutenin and Gliadin (found in wheat flour) are manipulated with water
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I suppose it was done that way for the nutrition and sensory analysis class because that's the class the recipe was written for. We never used butter or eggs in that class.

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