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Good day to all
I have always loved food and at 60 I am doing it. With thirty plus years in hydraulics it is great to finally great to be a student in culinary arts. the down side is a lot of the restaurants do not think I can cut it because of my age, bummer. The Corps taught me to keep going and I will. Semper Fi to all Happy Birthday 11 November, 1775 - 234 Years.
Thanks to all
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Good for you Sam, How are you liking it? Quite a culture shock I would imagine. I hope you're wrong about ageism in the business. I could perhaps understand it if you were 5 or10 years older.

Best of luck to you
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Hello Sam- please let me add my welcome to Bughut's and add a late but hearty "Happy Veterans' Day"!
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I wish you the best of luck, always great to see someone with passion.
I think there is a bit of ageism, always has been, always will.
Line cooking is generally considered a young persons game.
Also, someone who is 60 with a lifetime of experience in the field is going to have a better chance than someone at 60 just starting out.
Doesn't mean you can't make it, it's just a little harder.
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Hi Sam I think it is wonderful you are starting a new venture! I agree with you-age is a factor in employment even though it is not supposed to be-but, hopefully, you will get the break you deserve

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