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    I'm starting a new position in a couple of weeks as a deli chef at a small country market and my new employer has told me he's interested in selling gourmet pizza's on his shelves among other things.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I will have to pre-bake the pizza dough before I top it right? Or else sell the pizza that day or it goes in the bin?  If so, is there any special procedure?
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    We use prebaked shells and then assemble them from there.  We have specs to follow as to the amounts of each topping, and then we wrap them up.

    Our procedure is lay the cardboard disc, then the shell, drop and spread the sauce, drop and spread the cheese, then build whatever kind we're making from there following the specs.  We wrap them by hand (for now, there is a wrapping machine in our near future that supposedly is better but time will tell) and the wrapper we use looks like this


    I won't lie.. it is a flipping pain in the backside to wrap pizzas by hand,.. there are a ton of variables... how you get the wrap spread over the pizza, the distance of the wrap from the heat source (electric burner), the quality of the wrap, what setting you have it on... you name it!  You also have to make sure to get the proper sized wrap for the pizzas you are producing, otherwise it is really painful to wrap and you will have lots of do-overs in the process.  (again a pain in the backside)

    Because we produce pizzas for a number of stores, we do then eighty four at a time and in an assembly line fashion.  So we all put down discs and shells and from there, one person drops the sauce, the next spreads it, the next one drops the cheese, the next one spreads it, and then we go from there.  In the case of any pizza that has pepperoni, we all place and count them as it takes a good chunk of time to do it, but that is the only ingredient all of us work on.  After the first round is done, one person will go and start wrapping and the rest of the team will continue to build pizzas.  Most days we can have them built and mostly wrapped by noon and some days it's all done before noon.  It all depends on the numbers and who is working that day.   We do take turns wrapping but more often than not I end up just building pizzas as I'm one of the quicker ones in the department when it comes to banging stuff out. 

    Hope this helps