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Panini brought up selling mixes and crunchies at a local farmer's market and asked for advice.

Ok....basics.....each farmer's market is different.
Each has it's own set of rules and HOPEFULLY a mission statement.
So....that being said.... Use as much locally grown food as possible in your value added products....and promote it as that, ie
pecans from whatshisface's farm, butter from the local dairy, etc.
Have recipes with mixes that include adding seasonal fruits....peaches, blueberries, whatever is locally grown.
I know it's not local but I gotta have coffee at the I get FTO and organically raised, this has always been great with pastries. Cookies go over big too.....our artisianal baker is coming back this year after a year hiatus, we've missed him so much. Think of small kids and what under 2's can chew on as they get strollered through the market...Mom's will love you if it is healthy...
I give media baskets away at the beginning of each season. Having product as well as gift certificates in the basket to draw them in is a big plus.
Cross promotion is always a win-win....
I give loads of talks every year on how to set up markets, garner PR, slide-show...whole shibang...
***the most important part is KEEP the market master HAPPY!!! they generally work for nominal bucks and generally get all the grieve from those that consider only their own wants/needs....
The market is a whole thrive help each other out....
Also look for grants from your Dept of AG for marketing/advertising...this is a tough year for most states but it's worth a shot.
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Thank you very much. A lot to think about. I will have to investigate further into our farmers market. I was just planning on renting and selling. I'm curious now about their mission statement.
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That is all awsome advice. I have been selling at farmers markets for years and had never even given consideration to most of those things.....

Thanks for the insight!....

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