Seirass and Ricotta manipulation?

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I found a great-looking recipe that calls for seirass cheese as a significant component. I looked this up, and found that this is a Piedmontese ricotta, noted for being ultra-silky instead of mildly granular like regular ricotta; it is also a bit saltier. My first thought was to purée ricotta until smooth, but I seem to remember that if you do this, it breaks and weeps all over the place. Any thought on how to create a substitute for seirass? Do I remember correctly about manipulating ricotta?
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You could try pushing ricotta through a fine mesh then drain it in cheese cloth.  Being a "whey" cheese the process is different from regular ricotta.  If you made ricotta first you could make this with the whey along with addition of whole milk, a little cream and vinegar, rennet, or lemon juice.
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