Seinfeld on Keller's Roast Chicken (funny!)

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this was posted on another non-food forum I frequent. 

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No doubt Keller is an amazing chef; I hope to visit his restaurant one day. And he has shaped a generation of American chefs. I give him his due.

But the staggering pretention levels are a real turnoff. Like the "Chicken Keller's Way." Cracks me up every time. I think I've mentioned before it's like a Seinfeld episode. 

Kramer: Chicken Keller's Way, Keller's Way, you've gotta try chicken Keller's Way.
Jerry: Whaaah, what's this, chicken Keller's Way. You've been on about it for days.
Kramer: It's the best, you have to remember to eat the little scallop of meat underneath it, it's a special treat for the cook!
Jerry: But what is it? It's chicken? How good can chicken be?
Kramer: I'm not telling. It's a secret.
George: What's this? Chicken Keller's Way? Who's Keller?
Elaine: Oooohh, Keller. I know Keller.
George: Who's Keller?
Elaine [reading a magazine, gesturing]: He's this guy, he cooks chicken with nothing.
Kramer: Nooooo! Don't give up the secret!
Elaine: Yeah, he's famous. He cooks chicken with nothing. They call it, get this: Chicken. Keller's Way.
George: So you're telling me this man is famous.
Elaine: Yyyyyyep! Famous!
George: Because he makes a chicken. A chicken... with nothing.
Elaine: Nothing!
Jerry: Nothing!
Kramer: Ahhhhhh! [storms out of Jerry's apartment]
George: I can't get a job. Why didn't I think of chicken with nothing?
Jerry: I dunno, but I gotta try some of this chicken with nothing.
Elaine: It's not chicken with nothing. It's Chicken, Keller's Way.
Jerry: Whatever it is, I gotta try it!
George: I gotta go. My mother is cooking chicken for dinner. [grabs coat, leaves muttering, shaking his head] Chicken with nothing.... Chicken with nothing....
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Ha!  That is pretty funny.  I am assuming it refers to his recipe for My Favorite Simple Roast Chicken.  I have made this dish many times and love it, though once I did get some similar feedback.  I was cooking it for a friend and he kept giving me a hard time - "Why don't you use some herbs or lemon, it is going to be so bland".  He really didn't like the concept of chicken with nothing, until he tried it.  Who knew plain chicken could taste so amazing?
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