Segovian Suckling Piglet ( Cochinillo Asado )

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    The zone of Castilla León is titled the province of Los Asados = the roasts. Renowned during Christmas time, particularly on the 25th, the 1st and / or the 6th, The 3 Wise Men for lunch time.

    Ingredients Serving 4 to 6 ...

    1 suckling piglet weighing no more than 7 pounds in weight ( or make two )

    salt and pepper

    6 cloves garlic - mashed

    120g softened manteca de cerdo ( pork lard )

    250 ml  dry white Spanish wine

    4 sprigs thyme fresh

    2 bay leaves

    1) season underside of piglet with salt and pepper and rub with mashed garlic

    2) rub skin with salt and pepper and place piglet skin side down in roasting pan

    3) pour in white wine, water and herbs

    4) preheat oven 350 degrees farenheit or 180 degrees centig.

    5) roast 1 hour

    6) baste frequently with pan juices

    7) cover with aluminum foil and increase temperature to 200 degrees centig or 400 degrees farenheit after 1 hour

    8) prick skin of piglet with fine skewer to release fatty juices which aides to keep skin crispy

    9) brush the piglet with remaining lard and roast without cover of aluminum a half hour more

    10) rebrush with pan juices and roast 15 to 20 mins. more

    11) skin should be golden crisp

    12) let stand 20 mins. before carving piglet and serving

    Serve with a Rueda white or a Segovian red wine  or Ribera del Duero or Burgos red