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I left restaurants and went into the world of corporate dining following the murder of my battle brother with whom I served in Iraq with. Prior to making that change, I worked 70-80 hours a week and the ftime I had to hold my infant daughter felt like a chore.

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz and excitement in my city when it comes to food.  I'm eager to step back in and try to make a mark with and for the right opportunity. My question is for us as Chefs, how much detail do you put in explaining all your movement in a cover letter? Is it necessary? Should it be simple or should you really explain yourself? Thanks. 
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If I was hiring I would look for chefs from a restaurant/a la carte side of business so I would say it would be good for you to explain what went on with you. Only because I wouldn't want someone who expects a break every 4 hours and weekends off. Then you should say what cooking means to you etc. . Good luck!
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 First of all, sorry about what happened to your fallen brother. Second of all thank you for your service. Put in only what makes you look good. If you left a restaurant because you couldn't get along with upper management then that could be a problem. When I read a resume I want it to be short and to the point. I want to see someone who gets along with people, has a great personality and has compassion. If a person looks to be a hard ass then that hard ass approach could also be viewed as upper management having a hard time managing and getting info from this person. Look at the resume as like a first date. Only show what makes you look good and show all your good points in a brief summery. You want the person reading your resume to say. this person sounds good I want to meet them in person. Two much detail looks like blowing smoke. Keep it Short, and two the point. Don't say you will explain something at a future in person interview. If you only spent a month or two at a place that didn't work out, leave it out. If the resume is two long I feel this person is FOS. If you were involved in lowering food and labor costs then talk about that. Anyone hiring a Chef will be interested in if they can control cost......Good luck......ChefBillyB

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