Seeking for professional advice!

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Hello to everyone from Greece!

This is the first time for me blogging here! I really would appreciate some serious advice about a reliable chocolate school in Europe.

I've already checked out at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie school in Australia but couldn't be able to collect further information about it and as far as i can understand i need something more proffesional than this and surely not too far away.

I have this particular preference for chocolate making and some future plans i have in mind are leading into that industry, though i think that a step to step approach (degree - working experiece etc) is much more safe as an option for now.

Furthermore i cannot understand what the exact hierarchy is, in order for someone to become a pastry chef (?).

Really looking forward to your replies and thank you in advance for your time!
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I worked with a great pastry chef he was originally from Alsrailia. But he just came to America after Finishing in a school in England. Im sorry its on the tip of my toung i just cant remember. He was very very good.Well maybe you can check out pastry schools there. Sorry i couldnt be more help. GL in the future and have a great year.Chef AlexanderZ
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