Seeking Chef for Restaurant in SouthWest Virginia

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    I am considering building a destination location restaurant in the mountains of SouthWest Virginia. This facility would be opened April 1- Novemebr 1 each year. Very rural area of Virginia but supported by 1.5 million vistors visiting Grayson Highland State Park and the Mount Rodgers National Recreation area each year. There will be 3 general stores also supporting the vistors along with a music venue through out the 7 months the destination restaurant is opened.

    I am seeking a chef / chefs husband wife who would to have a restaurant by being an equity partner without a financial investment by them. Equity would be earned by sweat equity and a commitment to a minimum years.

    Theme of restaurant would be "Train Depo" menu Steaks and Country dishes.

    Question: Where would I start to find this person or persons