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Hello Everyone,
I am in a process of opening a commercial kitchen. I found a commercial space, basically I have to install all the equipments that’s needed to operate. I have been doing my home work and wrote a list of steps that I think I might need. Please help me with more info if I’m missing something.
- Hire a kitchen designee (open for recommendations)
-install a hood
- submit plan to MD health department
- hire electrician and plumber
-shop for appliances
-apply for license and plumber.

I’d love to know what appliances I will need. I’m open for suggestions and advice.


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What you will need ranges from a three compartment sink and stove to a multi million dollar kitchen. What is your concept and what is your menu going to look like?
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Equipment needs are going to stem off of available space, budget, menu, anticipated amount of business, etc. Without this information it will be hard to give any real specifics.
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A menu is necessary in most all cases when building a kitchen for a restaurant. You list that your a caterer so I'll go by that. A Catering kitchen will need a dbl decker convection oven, Fryers, large flat grill and possibly a flame broiler grill. A tilt skillet is nice to have also along with a steam kettle and stand up mixer. I would set up my walk-in refer so as to have room for stand-up roll in shelves. I would also have my warmer with roll in shelves. The hood size will depend on how may appliances will require one.You also need to decide on gas or electric. Stainless counters along with two and three bay sinks and hand washing sink.
You will also need a detail to scale diagram for the health dept... Give more details...... hope this helped........ChefBillyB
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