Seeking advice on purchase an electric oven

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Hi all

I'm prepared to purchase an electric convection oven mainly for baking sponge cake and occasionally baking pork steak.  The oven is for home use.  I have no pre-set budget but space is my major consideration.

On the market there are 2 main types, convection and true convection.  The later is having an heating element on the fan tunnel to guarantee temperature accuracy but is rather noisy in operation according to my search on Internet.  The former is without heating element in the fan box with less noise and being smaller in size.

Please advise which type of the oven being suitable for my use?  Thanks

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I have some reservations about those 'true convection' ovens.

Firstly I would think that the oven you choose should have the option of running it as a conventional oven as well as convection.

Some brands have the fan running even on conventional setting.

This makes things like sponge cake, soufflés or lighter items impossible to bake.

Kitchen-aide or Cuisinart are top names but not necessarily good options.

They have a KA at work and I can tell you it is noisy.

GE makes some good ovens as does Whirlpool.
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Like Chef I have had less than stellar results with convection.

If the forced air is too strong it can actually blow the products with lighter/foamy batter sideways.

I have a gas stove oven combo with a switch to engage the convection option.

Works great when I want to heat the baking stones up a bit quicker and sometime to hurry the browning of a roasted chicken.

Can actually dry the meat out if left on too long.

Just curious.... why pork steak?

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Hi all,

Thanks for your advice.

The fan installed inside the ovens either with true/European convection or with convection can be turned off during convention baking.  The only difference is the former having a heating element installed in the fan box.  The drought passes through the heating element into the oven chamber providing a constant heat (the heating elements inside the oven chamber being turned off).  The latter is without heating element installed in the fan box.  The fan only waft the heat from the heating elements installed inside the oven chamber.

If I understand your advice correctly I don't need convection to bake sponge cake, loaf etc.  Convention baking will be more suitable without drying the cake/loaf.  Convection baking is more suitable for roasting meats.

> Just curious.... why pork steak?
I cook steaks with sous vide.  Precise low temp cooking in vacuum cook wonderful steak.  But cooking pork steak with sous vide takes lengthy time.


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