seeing posts on forum but not getting emails

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I checked my profile and i should be getting email alerts for repys to threads iv posted on, but im only getting ones for very old threads. I know folk are replying to posts iv made, cos i see them on the forum,  but i'm not being sent emails.

Hope you can help.maybe I'm missing something


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 Hi Bughut,

Did you enable the following feature: "Subscribe to Content I Edit by Default"

This way when you reply to a thread it will automatically subscribe you.

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 Subscribe to Content I Edit by Default  ([color= rgb(146, 144, 139)]?[/color])
Joined Aug 18, 2007
Thanks Nicko,
I went through my file with a fine toothcomb and found the culprit... alls well.

Getting used to things now. I dont thinki'm the only one that looks for problems in something new.Change isnt always easy. Anyway, if one looks hard enough one will find what one is looking for. Be it problems, or sollutions.

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I'm having the same problem. People are sending me P.M.s (personal messages) but for the life of me I can't figure out how to retreave them.I click on my profile but there is nothing that mentions P.M.s  Please be specific as I'm not  a computor genius. ,Thanks for any help.
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