See you all in a couple of weeks!

Joined May 26, 2001
We're off tomorrow morning to Vermont and Massachusetts until the 19th. I'm gonna miss all of you!!! :cry: But, wow, VACATION!! :bounce: :bounce:

Play nice while I'm gone. ;)
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Have a nice vacation Suzanne. Don't forget your shades, your sandals and plenty of sunscreen...As for the rest, if there's leaves, you'll do fine :eek:
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Me too. See ya'll in a while. Vacation!! Florida. Disney,Cocoa beach, etc. Hey, anyone want fish, the three of us chartered a boat to fish. Cobia yum!, shark, king,barracuda etc. They have a service to pack and ship. PM addresses. That or catch and release and make reservations. There won't be a big haul, just Nick and I, Mom stays inside, bunks,AC,head etc. Oh yea, she'll take a picture every once in a while. Look for our pictures at The Hattrick Charters. Capt. Tony's great.
Hasta La Vista Foodies,
Mickey Mouse
Hey Suzanne,
My lovely wife cooked last night and somehow I started thinking about your new job. How is it going?
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Suzanne,i hope you have a great holiday,we all need to switch off some time.:cool:
If any one from your side of the pond is coming over here,tell them London is around 73-80f.We`ve had some days that have been warmer!
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We got back late yesterday, having had a FABULOUS time!!! I'll post some "Restaurant Raves" soon. :lips:

Being away was lots of fun, but now I'm happy to be back :bounce: :bounce:
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