Secrets to baking the perfect cookies

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I am new to baking, I love to cook and think I am pretty good at it. But just recently I wanted to start baking cookies but I am having a hard time.

I would like to bake healthy cookies so for one of my recipes I substitute 1 cup of whole wheat flour for white flour and the rest was white flour. This recipe was for cut out cookies after baking them they tasted chalky did not like how they came out so tossed them out. 

The next recipe I did not substitute anything the recipe was also for cut out cookies but it was under the category gooey cookies, not sure what gooey is supposed to mean when it comes to cookies but they were a bit hard after baking them flavor was good and they smelled delicious but not sure what went wrong. 

I do not have the recipes with me so I cannot post them but they are simple recipes is a from book that uses the same dough to make 100 cookies. 

Any tips would be appreciated. I am going to keep trying but not sure what I am missing. Ingredients were fresh. 
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i used to w  ork in a "healthier alternative" bakery and though i cant remember the recipe off the top of my head anymore, w  e made some great  w  hole w  heat peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. i used just w  heat & no w  hite flour, used chunky peanut butter, eggs, margerine, sugar, chocolate chips, etc - that chalky taste from the flour can be eliminated from the strong taste of peanut butter i believe. try it out!

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