Secrets of a catered party, revealed!

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Last night I helped cook at a large catered charity fundraising event. Beautiful people eating wonderful food and swilling spendy booze. So towards the end of the night I spot an older woman sneaking food off the table and into her purse. And I got to thinking...
The new line of designer purses for these types of affairs... on the outside its a lookalike for a fine structured Vuitton or Coach bag, but on the inside has room for both hot and cold appetizers, maybe a handy .5 liter pouch for draining your wineglass....and its washable!
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That was my mother-in-law. She doesn't drink wine but the rest of the bag would suit her quite well. Especially if bedazzled with rhinestones. Great idea!
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Would be nice too to have a compartment for a roll of aluminum foil. Just lift the flap and tear off a piece when you get back to your table from the buffet.
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All that fancy stuff with Vuitton or Coach bag. I find a 1 gal ziploc bag holds a lot of shrimp. Im just thinking out loud of course.
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Speaking of napkins....thanks to the DD and her high school crew I have a huge assortment in all the colors of the rainbow.
Plus a nice assortment of teaspoons.
Why I became the largesse of their petty thievery I still don't know.
Maybe the other parents got matching S&P shakers and sweetener jockeys along with whatever else they could sneak in their bags.
I am counting myself lucky as my thing in HS was borrowing street signs and relocating garden statuary (took a walk on the wild side ;-)

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A compartment for slipping fine silverware into is mandatory.
In the banquet room for some reason, our cute, shiny little demi-tasse
spoons would disappear by the dozen--we lost at least 5 or 6 at every serving.
Other things with legs were, liqueur glasses, pasta baking/serving dishes, and
sometimes linen napkins.
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I was working for a large hotel chain that had a roaring trade in the day long seminar business. We would offer the usual arrival/morning tea/working lunch/ afternoon tea/happy hour package.
At the working lunch session, we would have large platters of sandwiches and rolls, fruit plates, cheese platters, juice, coffee and such.
For our cheese platters, there would be massive chunks of very fine cheeses, dried fruits, crackers etc.
One afternoon, I noticed a high power-dressed lady (massive shoulder pads) wrapping a rather large chunk of cheddar in one of our nice, crisp linen napkins and stuffing it in her handbag. I was having none of it!
"Excuse me, ma'am, but I really have no issue with you taking that cheese, but that napkin belongs to this venue and I cannot allow theft!"
Her look was priceless. She rang my boss the next day, to complain about me and how offended she was that I accused her of being a thief. My boss asked her "were you putting cheese in your purse in a napkin taken from the table?"
She hung up on him, lol.
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And don't get me started about the expensive, quality tea bags missing from the coffee station every single shift.
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Those little flavored creamers--that's another one-- not everyone uses creamer,
so when the number missing appproaches or exceeds the number of cups you're
down, something is amiss in paradise.
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During the years long stint with the bass player I acquired a nice selection of bar glasses.
Some crystal some glass but all nice.
Ran across the box when cleaning out the attic and sat and cried.
It was what I needed .... still sad but I no longer have the huge lump in my throat.
Someday I will confront the daughter re not letting me know about his passing... suspect that will help me lay him to rest.


The glasses?
Repacked into a Rubbermaid tub.
Not quite ready to let them go yet.
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Do you know why she didn't tell you? I've found that others aren't always aware of our deep connections to their loved ones.
And there's always a lot of misinterpretation going on as well. I'm just saying, be gentle.
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Musicians get a bad rap at home.
She prolly saw and heard plenty before he moved out.
I was just an innocent bystander who showed up a year after the fact.
Yeah...I am over that friends took care of it.

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