Seattle. Good eats.

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I need suggestions, and I need to know why you're suggesting the suggestion that you're suggesting to me, please. :)

I'm back down south of the border at the end of this week... and I want good eats. Not frou-frou eats. Not fancy eats. I want good, honest food that blows my mind. Ethnic, local, regional... don't care. I want a meal I'm gonna remember.

Anyone have any ideas?
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On my trip to Seattle The Pike Place had some really great clam chowder.

I think its ranked first for the best clam chowder in the city.
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You can't go wrong just browsing and eating through Pike. Here are some good places off the top of my head:

Beecher's Handmade Cheese - you can watch them make the cheese and get a grilled cheese to go.

Piroshky-Piroshky - really good baked goods.

I really love the fresh crumpets from the Crumpet Shop. But it looks like it's under renovation and won't re-open for a while.

If possible, take a food tour. Either one offered at the market or from Savor Seattle. We took 2 tours from Savor Seattle last time and loved them both. You get to sample a lot of food from different places as well as some facts and history of Seattle.

Also, we had a few meals at BOKA Kitchen at the Hotel 1000 (just a few blocks from Pike). The happy hour deals are really good ($3 for truffle fries!) and the food was tasty. We've also had some wonderful desserts from there as well as a great breakfast.

Grand Central Cafe is a good place to grab breakfast or lunch. The bacon egg bolo is delicious. I also had a wonderful beet soup there.

For something sweet, I love the Chocolate Box. You can get a variety of hot and cold chocolate drinks. There are also lots of other chocolate treats to choose from.

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