Seasoning Conversions for different size batches

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I'm in need of assistance and this seems to be the right place. :)

Currently I'm working on some software for my company that helps in meal planning and inventory. What we're running into is getting the base amounts for scaling the seasonings correctly. Most recipes they use are 100 yield portions. So if the recipe is for cheeseburgers they get 100 patties, 100 buns, etc. Now if they need to serve 1000 people today they'd just multiply it by 10. This is really easy and straightforward. But we move in to recipes where we're talking about a casserole or stew that requires actual seasoning. I know from experience that you can't just multiply the salt or pepper by the same amount as your recipe is increasing by (double, triple, times 17, etc). So is there a method you use to determine a base amount to start with on large batches? This is an industrial kitchen so they have fryers and ovens that can accommodate these large recipes. But like I said, all the recipes are built around 100 person yields. Since this is a large kitchen they can sometimes serve up to 2500 people per meal. Right now we've got many locations and they all keep track differently so we're trying to use the software to get everyone on the same page at the same starting point. The end result should be to calculate ahead of time how much inventory has to be pulled from the shelves and set aside for the next weeks meal. Thanks in advance for your help!!
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