Seasoning a cast iron skillet - using saturated fat, instead of vegetable oil

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Just got a new cast iron skillet, and I thought I knew how to season it properly, but it's still not still it's not stick free  - at all.  After cleaning and drying, I used vegetable oil, and baked it for 3 hours at 350.  I did this three times.   Should I use a saturated fat, like bacon grease instead?  I worry about rancidity - thanks
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You definately should read the thread Petals linked to. But a couple of things to consider immediately:

No matter what you use, initially seasoning does not develop a deep cure. That takes time. After seasoning, just use it to fry with, at least the first few times. Non-stick comes when it's developed that rich, black patina. At that point, all the pores have been filled, and the oil has created a polymer-like coating.

Oil is not the best choice for curing, for several reasons; one of which is that it sometimes forms a stickly coating, almost like baked-on honey. You'd be better off using shortening or lard.

Rancidity in this usage is a myth, because once the grease bakes-in there is nothing for germy critters to live on. However, when regreasing after cooking and washing I would definately stay away from bacon grease.

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