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I have a disageement with the owner of the restaurant I am working for. He says to never salt the meats, especially burgers. I can understand why you wouldn't neccesarily want to salt a big roast or something you are not going to cook for a while, but I've worked in some really nice restaurants and I have always used salt and pepper on the meats. Isn't the practice of not seasoning meats an old fashioned wives tale? Does it really dry out the meat that much?
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Season all meats, right before you cook them, regardless of size. Is it just me, or shouldn't this be a no-brainer?
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I agree with you, it is a no brainer. However, the trick is to convince a stubborn man that he has been cooking his meats wrong for 30 years.
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The thing is you are having a dissagrgeement with the Owner!

With that said, try to make a salt and pepper mix, using other seasonings also (for example use blacking seasoningetc...). Use this as your all purpose mix, then you use that on all your roast, your grill and saute items. See what happens.

But try not to show up the old man. It is not that he is doing the wrong thing, it is that is what he knows. I am sure he has taught you a thing or two.

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I agree, salt and pepper before cooking. No amount of seasoning added after it's cooked will make up for not adding it durring. Sounds like he has a bad habit to break. Good Luck.
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Take the advice from Dlee!

I agree, it should be a no-brainer...but with this won't win and he may show you the door!
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As said before me.this is a no brainer!!!

But this is a site about learning.

As we all know salting protiens draws out it's moisture, With that said..It is really important to salt your meats,when used properly salt is a cooks best freind. I remember a thread sometime ago solely dedicated to all the "IN"salts. When grilling something that will be cooked rapidly,you really only need to season with salt just before or as your cooking,here the salt is doing one job,enhancing the flavor,other cuts of meat that perhapes require a marinade or maciration I will season it with everything but to not bleed the meat or "protien" of it's juices. to be clear,I am not talking of cured meats or smoked items that already have a high sodium content. I am talking about raw protiens.I am also a firm believer of seasoning in stages,as you go, so to speak.

If you are on a low sodium diet,I am not encouraging salt,and there are many combinations of seasonings etc to enhance your food.

It was said in a post before me that salting your meats after they are cooked will not help them,I have to respectivly disagree. When I studied with madeleine Kammen we were preparing a lamb loin dish..after the loin was sliced she spinkled the slices with a tiny dash of kosher salt before plateing,I had never seen that before I told her,Madeleine asked me to taste a unsalted slice followed by the salted slice,althought the unsalted slice was very good the salted one was much deeper in flavor and complex.

As I said before I salt in stages.

As to the question about the boss not salting his meats,maybe he has a very good reason for not doing so. I however would firmly stand behind the salting of meats and almost anything else.
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