Seasonal Spanish Mushrooms

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    Simple and easy ... ready in minutes ... and delectable ... In Spain, this is mushroom season as I imagine it is same in Northern, Eastern and Western USA. Many Spaniards enjoy their wild mushrooms with a side of scrambled eggs or an omelette filled with these morsels from heaven.  

    Seves 4 to 6

    2 oz. Yellow foot mushrooms ... Rebozuleos

    2 oz. Porcini, Ceps or Penny Buns ... Boletus ...

    2 oz. Black Chanterelles ... Trompetas Negras ...

    2 oz. Grey Wax Caps ... Llanegas ...

    2 oz. Amanita Caps

    2 oz. Lactarius ... Niscalos ...

    1 shallot minced

    6 cloves of garlic

    Parsley fresh and minced

    Extra virgin olive oil

    a half ounce of blanched almonds

    1. peel and mince shallot

    2. peel and mince garlic

    3. saute in olive oil until tender

    4. saute the mushrooms in batches sprinkled with parsley, almonds finely chopped, and salt ... one can put a Jabugo Acorn Fed Ham or Proscuitto di Palma if u wish ...

    5. Serve with baguette and a lovely Red wine of choice ... a La Rioja, a Malbec from Argentina or a Californian Cabernet or Merlot or Syrah or a varietal of these grape varieties.