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Does anyone have a current seasonal vegetable or produce list of ingredients? I'm currently trying to get ahead and create menus for the fall but i need a little help with a complete list of ingredients that are in season, spring, summer fall and winter. Any advice would be of great help Thanks, chef amy :chef:
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Try Freda's Produce. They supply most of the veggies to the big stores and to specialty kitchen suppliers all over the US. Their e-letter is great for seeing what will be coming available each week and the prices you can expect to pay.
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Chef Wil, could you post a link? I couldn't find one through my ussual google.
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Wow, sorry I haven't answered this long before now, I know this is kinda late in getting here but I haven't logged on from that post date. I kinda fell off the internet for a while due to a family disruption.

Belated as it is it may still help you or someone else so here is the link

That is a link to the specialty site but it has links to other parts of their distribution center.

By the way I cook a lot better than I spell and proof read. That should have read Frieda's :(
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How about accessing local farmer's markets for info? I send out weekly lists on what's coming into market in St. Louis
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I have a good one I can email if any one wants to contact me. Unless there is a way to attach files here.... if so let me know how:confused:

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