Seasonal Fruit Platters (Southern California)

Discussion in 'Professional Catering' started by tonycakes, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Hello everyone, I tried searching for this topic but I grew tired very quickly. I have already looked up which fruits are in season during the seasons but I want to know if any of you have any idea?

    At my work (catering/banquet hall) we use this fruit platter per 100 guests.

    It consists of 1 large watermelon, 2-3 honeydew*, 3-4 cantaloupes*, 3-4 pineapples*, 4 pints of strawberries, and bunches of grapes in between the cut fruit.

    *fruit size

    Our current executive chef uses these same fruits year round, without really caring about the cost. I was wondering if anyone has a different fruit platter they use in the winter, or other seasons when some of these fruits are not at their prime. I am the sous chef in the kitchen and also the owners son. So i'm trying to find ways in which we can lower the cost in the kitchen! 

    So i'm debating on either cutting out the fruit platters during winter months for our parties or to find another cheap alternative to these fruits?

    I am very grateful for anyone's insight and ideas! Thanks in advance.
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    I find fruit ripeness to be questionable during the winter months. Hard to get really great ripe and sweet fruit during this time.

    Personally, I would take it off the menu during these times.

    Also the cost for this fruit plate should be high enough to compensate during the winter if it is on the menu.