Searching for My First Internship/Apprenticeship

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently enrolled in culinary school and will be graduating soon. I am looking for my first internship or apprenticeship. I am focusing or majoring in the Baking and Pastry Arts field. I've been searching for the best possible place to start my career. I am willing to start as soon as possible. Also, if anyone has any idea of internships/apprenticeships that include housing then please let me know. I would like it if housing were included or at least low cost, since I will have to relocate. I live in such a small town that we have to drive over half an hour away to get to the closest grocery store. I've been looking into various locations, especially San Diego and different places abroad, like England, Ireland, and France. Please help me out if you can. I'm available as soon as the beginning of April. Thank you for any information that you can provide. 


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Welcome to It can be difficult to find an internship that provides housing but it is possible. Usually the best option for this is to find a service that specializes in placing culinary students in different locations. Have you started to refined the places you want to work and sent letters of inquiry? You need to start there and see who will be willing to take you on. 
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Hello I am Remi An I am a pastry cook I have been a pastry chef also a baker many times . I went to school for pastry arts My first few internships were not good I was looking for a job that paid well not a career enriching experience I wanted money period. Well after the first few I found I was a fish out of  water I was really a assistant pastry chef not an apprentice . . Here is what I would look for If I had to do it again. I would look for a nationally recognized name to work for when first starting out your resume has to shine its the difference between min wage and ok money . Find a place with a good no excellent chef . Find out what he or she is like to work for are a prick or domineering, or understanding , or kind . You want a chef thats understanding yet strict wise and knowledgeable as well as has connections . If this chef went to your school all the better a CIA chef does not understand how  a Johnson and Whales student is taught plus you will be on the same team and most likely will have similar connections for you . This is especially true of you first internship second internships are different. Also I would suggest you find a pastry mentor these people can be a huge game changer for you in your career . Best of luck Remi 
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