Sear a Corned Beef Before Boiling?

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Most recipes I've seen for corned beef don't call for searing first; but I've seen some that do.

I'm wondering if any desirable complexities of flavor can be attained by carmelizing a corned beef before boiling; or if the boiling process would cause any possible benefit to be "washed" away.

Also, I don't know if a corned beef, being as salty as it is, would sear properly.

Rather than just try it, I thought I seek some other opinions first. 
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Never heard of searing a CB, cooked 1000's of pounds at an Irish bar & grill. Water, Guinness and extra pickling spice.
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I had never heard of searing it before either,  chef, until I looked it up on the interweb.

Guinness and extra pickling spice sounds good.       How about regular lager beer?
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I've glazed corned beef after boiling, but have never ever heard of browning before. That's one experiment I wouldn't bother conducting.
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