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A question for you hot side guys.
Just got home from cooking bkfst at a shelter. I was in charge of scrambled eggs. Cooked them pretty soft in the tilt skillet. Stirred in some heavy cream before filling 200 pans for chaffers.
WELL! The chef in charge came over and looked at me like I had just grown another face. He proceeded to go off on the chef who invited me to help. I heard him telling the guy if your going to bring me bozos(my word) who put heavy cream in the eggs, then he would prefer he didn't bring anyone at all.
Did I screw up that bad. It wasn't a cost thing, there were 15 cs. of cream donated by the dairy. I figured the health thing was covered since they were destin for the chaffers. I thought I remembered doing this ages ago when on the hot side.
I held my tounge(unusual!) for I had the whole concept of giving thing in mind.
This chef is the head honcho of a large property so I'm thinking I may have committed some mortal sin. any thoughts. Please don't hesitate to tell me why I shouldn't have done this.
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Panni I'm not sure what his problem was,but if you were putting them into a chaffer the chances are they held up better. I have done many many brek. buffets in my time and if I need to hold something for a short time and it be good a little cream is good.
My first lesson in brek. buffets was horrible I was 17 doing it by myself for about 100 people did the eggs first. That was myfirst mistake went to set up the chaffers on buffet line,got the buiscuites,sausage, and the hash browns. I fixed all that set it up and went for my eggs it is funny now but back then I was well to say the least I sat their with my mouth wide opened. No one ever told me that eggs would turn green when you held them for a period of time. Not a full green but a greenish tint. Yes did them over dumped the green eggs, the dishwasher told me he has seen the head cook put a little cream or milk in them before so I did and they have been comming out wright ever since. About the chef don't know what his problem was mabey he forgot to layout specific instructions.


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How rude. Screw him. How else are you gonna keep the eggs nice and loose? This guy is lame.

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I don't know what this guy's problem is, but if you put sour cream in scrambled eggs there is less of a tendency for them to turn green.
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We always put lemon in our banquet scrambled. It works quite well and no one ever complained about the flavour.


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I know some chefs who don't like to add any kind of liquid to their eggs, especially when making omelets but I have never met one that was that militant about it, and besides adding some liquid to eggs destined for chafers does help them to stay loose. So I agree with everyone here, sc**w him!!!
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Pan, I wanna be the ONE to bust your chops a little:p

Of course you did nothing wrong.

Obviously, this chef needs to relax, especially since it's a volunteer thing! Rude and probably ungrateful.Probably from CIA or ACF.

The cream is donated and you're trying to utilize it in a good and tasteful way? Right on.

Ahem, a little Frenchy and outdated as far as that goes; I guess I would just use some water, or skim milk, or broth, moisture is the key, right? Well, I suppose if you're sealing up 200 chafing dishes,you have no choice.

Personally, I think that if its a charity thing, and you've whipped those eggs with some love; I don't care what you put in them, I'm just thanking you profusely for giving a dam!:)
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dear panini,
having run a shelter kitchen i would've loved any help i could have. the guy must have a huge ego. you probably should have asked him what his f-ing problem was. and then told him you were trying to boost the clients calorie intake as it could be the only meal they were getting that day.
and thank you for having the compassion to help out.
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Another vote of support -- and admiration -- for what you did. :D I completely agree with Brad's assessment!
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Thanks for the support. Certainly wasn't looking for comps. Should have left the shelter thing out.
I didn't think the act deserved the negetivity. I haven't confronted my buddy for I know he doesn't know, I know, what the jerk said to him.
Anyway, the feeling was good enough to sign up again, if not there, then elsewhere. There is enough battered and homeless persons around for everyone.
I was truly taken back by the families and people. Quite a reality check. Sometimes when things are going good for us we tend to draw lines. I'm glad I erased a little.


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There is nothing wrong with you at all.
The fact that you are concerned enough speaks volumes.
We can't all be Artsy-Fartsy but we can all pitch in and help those whom need it.My hat's off to you for holding it togther.
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Nope. No screw up that I can see. It may be a personal thing with the "chef" who chose to launch a tirade on such a subjective thing. Bottom line(s): Did it taste good? Did it hold? If the answers to these two questions is "yes," that "chef" needs to get ahold of himself and get pi$$ed off about something that DOESN'T turn out right.

A comparison might be the way I handle the addition of sugar to tomato sauce. I consider it an abomination designed to hide less-than-sauceworthy tomatoes - but people have been eating sugared tomato sauce for years. {{Shrug}}
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I work in a B&B and do lots of scrambles. I start with a little butter, add some mont jack cheese, and always finish with a little heavy cream to stop the cooking. Gets rave reviews from the guests.

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Panini , whos the real chef ? In my book you are . Great job , you do what real chefs do and thats feed hungry people good food .
By the way , I know your eggs rocked and I do so agree with Brad, F**k him .
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Lol before i read this i thought everyone put a little milk or cream in their scambled eggs....i've always used milk in my eggs when i scramble them or use the eggs for an omelet...thats how my mom used to make them when i was little and that's how her mom taught her to make them so i figure u were right and that head chef guy had no buisness being in charge hehe
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I just finished reading a book on food facts and chef's secrets, 6001 of them. I guess I was really bored. Anyway, I thought I'd look up eggs to see if there were any comments on scrambling with milk vs water and lo and behold there were 3 mentioning the use of water or milk or cream. Seems that chef shouldn't be on his high horse about it! First comment: "... to make a better omelet or scrambled egg dish, try adding a small amount of water instead of milk when you are beating the eggs. Milk products tend to harden the yolk, while water tends to slow down the coagulation of the yolk." Yeah well, right above that comment was this one: "When you scramble eggs, add a small amount of cream when beating to make them lighter and fluffier." I don't know if this chef was just being a jerk (most likely) but if it taste great in the end who cares?
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If you ever get a chance..Ask him... Let him know you were baffled by that one. It might not have been the cream issue at all.
You were the closest at the time he needed to vent.
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