Scorched rice (on purpose)

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The Chinese call it guoba, the Japanese okoge, and so on around the rice-loving world. It started as the rice that toasted and very slightly puffed at the bottom of the pot. Then it became a beloved snack.

The Japanese and Chinese versions are sort of like dry, toasty-flavored rice Krispy treats. They're often served with thick sauces that cling nicely.

Does anyone know how to make guoba?
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Please don't take this as being too simple ... but it is. Just make a batch of rice ... however you want. Serve it up with whatever else you are making. Take the leftover rice ... there always is some ... throw it in a nice seasoned skillet and give it a gentle smashing. Cook it 10-15 minutes medium heat. Gently get it out. Add whatever extra tasty condiment you like and eat it.

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It’s in the Indian and Persian cultures as well. Paella too. Everybody in the world likes the toasted rice on the bottom of the dish! Im not sure how it’s made but I know it’s all about temperature and timing.
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LOL ... "temperature and timing".

... Turn up the heat ... cook it until it's crispy.


"We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.".
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Persian tahdig is very good. The exact technique is very in-depth, and I'd suggest looking on YouTube for some videos, but the results are amazing.
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